CTRL Clothing

The 80s introduced plenty of embarrassing trends, from acid-washed jeans, to rat tails, to actually thinking Andrew Dice Clay is funny, and not just for being fat. But what about the stuff you're not ashamed to like? Well it's back, with CTRL Clothing's Fall 09 collection.

Straight from the red-hot streets of Helsinki, skate/streetwear design collective CTRL's just dropped a crapload of totally 80s, brightly colored/patterned hoodies, jackets, and button-downs, inspired by "the butterfly and other ultra-light objects", which as everyone knows, is just about as street as things get. Highlights include jackets like the thigh-length 5-pocket neon blue Chapel, the bright red puffy Atlantis Down, and the navy-/light blue-dotted Lifesaver with faux fur hood detail; less bulky bundling starts with hoodies like the button-down, polygon-patterned Venom in black/white or "colorful" (orange, seafoam, pink, green) and a half-zip striped number with a mitt warmer they call the "Stress Press Hood", which sounds like the part of town you want to avoid if you're a Push Pop on deadline. Things carefully approach classy with plenty of button-downs, including the "Boogie Collar", with a checkered green torso and red pocket, the white/grey polka-dotted black Diazepam, and a pink & blue plaid number with cloth-looped button fasteners called the Budos Sasquatch, forcing skeptics to deny the existence of your shirt.

If you'd rather just freeze, CTRL's got a bunch of graphic tees and patterned tank-tops that probably don't come in the Dice Man's size, because he's super fatter now, and that is funny.