Gambling on football always makes weekends more fun, especially if you consider having your futon repossessed enjoyable. Letting you gamble on sports while playing it financially safe, FanGamb.

Launching today from a Philly-based trio whose forays into gambling enterprises were occasionally interrupted by attending class at PSU, FG lets friends showcase their prediction prowess by placing virtual wagers on real college and pro games in a league setting that tracks participants' weekly performances, ultimately determining who's the savviest sports bettor, and who should be laying down cash on the Globetrotters. Every player in a league gets an initial bankroll of $25,000 to wager on games with lines/spreads/lays that're updated every 15 minutes, by placing straight, parlay, and teaser bets from a $100 minimum to a max that starts at $600 for this weekend's games and increases throughout the season, all the way up to $2001, the final bet needed to complete your Disgrace Odyssey. League standings (complete with stats on win percentage and average wager) are constantly updated on game days, as a "Live Bets" section displays all league members' picks in games that're in progress; they've also added a feature that would never work in real gambling: you can use up to three "Locks" each week, which pay out at two-to-four times the standard rate with zero additional risk, aka "The Madoff".

FG also offers a constantly updated National Leaderboard, ranking the top 100 overall performers, and each league homepage features a "Smackboard", where participants can trash-talk fellow gamblers. Next year should see leagues for baseball, hoops, and hockey -- because gambling on it always makes not-watching it so much more fun.