Liberty of London

Meat-and-potatoes wardrobe staples can become so grindingly boring, they could even be accused of being "work appropriate". For dressy casual-wear certain to get you sent home, try Liberty of London

LoL takes on the typically unimaginative realm of work-ready garments, and infuses it with an array of intricate, once-controversial floral/insect textile designs originally drawn by 19th century artist William Morris (kid had talent). Fall's torso options're many, starting with uber-soft, gothic floral-printed jersey-cotton tees and pique polos with "insect army trim" and fly embroidery; even more impressive are the Egyptian and Swiss cotton, classic/slim/skinny-fit button-downs covered in climbing vines, spiderwebs, or a serene "Cristelle tie-dye" print -- akin to a deep blue sea speckled with poppies, it basically looks how opium feels. The remainder of LoL's line is a wildly varied collection of accessories like silk ties and scarves that echo the shirts' prints (plus others bejeweled in appliqué'd bugs), debossed belts in brown and murky green, and sterling silver cufflinks shaped as crests, flowers, and dragons, which Bruce Lee would have loved, had he worn shirts

Rounding the line out are bits of laser-embossed, flowery awesomeness, highlighted by a leather-bound journal, and a weighty steel flask -- facilitating an even more certain way to get sent home.