Given a second chance at life, the risen can use the opportunity to do good (see The Dead Zone), or vicious, brain-gobbling bad (Made In Heaven). Going the former route, Nau.Forced to shut down a half year ago, Nau's clawed back to the surface with their brand of extreme-eco-conscious gear (recycled organic fabrics, green facilities, etc), which combines "beauty, performance, and sustainability", a blend conspicuously lacking in current fashion, and your wang. Bridging the activewear-daily life gap, technical threads featuring sleek, tailored looks/zero external logos include the slope-shredding water- & windproof/vented Asylum jacket and pant, the slightly lighter Shelter jacket (w/ natural two-way stretch and ultrasonically welded waterproof seams), and the softshell Shroud of Purrin, forever bearing the image of your martyr-making face plant. For more domestic functionality, Nau rocks organic cotton/ZQ certified merino wool polos & crewnecks, stylish cotton twill chinos, and the highly breathable, four-way stretch Riding jacket, which updates its old English moto heritage with sculpted sleeves, a button-up collar, and an abrasion-resistant exterior that sadly won't protect you from old English mockery.From jackets, to shirts, to baselayers, to insulation, 2% of all online purchases are donated to one of your choice of five enviro-social organizations, a profit-killing move that suggests perhaps Timothy Hutton gobbled Nau's brains.