Cigars for Giant Apes

Two things in life that exude confidence:

  1. Gorillas
  2. Cigars

Maybe you'll never own a pet gorilla, but at least you can smoke a Gorilla Fingers cigar. With an African Cameroon wrapper, GF's come in natural or the sweeter, stronger Maduro. Inside they're packed with 3 to 8yr old Dominican tobacco that's already been treated with cognac, so you won't befoul your snifter with a slobbery, chomped up stub.Just as compelling as the Finger's pedigree are some of its more user-friendly features:Pre-cut Hole: No more fussy accessories or potential finger decapitation -- the only deadly weapon you'll have to handle is a butane lighter.Humidor Bag: Each GF comes with its own re-sealable bag w/ humidification sponge and protective insert. So, if you don't have a humidor or are in a situation where you're forced to put out your GF (airplane, church, ethanol factory), you can be confident that it'll be smokable later.It's Gi-Hugic: At almost an inch in diameter, the GF is a massive smoke. That inch will prove an invaluable trump card in inconsequential pissing contests over quality of sports cars, size of yachts, and attractiveness of female companionship.Yes, "Gorilla Fingers" is slang for giant turds, but that has nothing to do with these cigars' quality. Plus, unlike most premiums, you won't have to sell organs to buy a box. After one GF, you'll have to admit that it's the finest piece of crap you've ever smoked in your life.