A flagship store for the 'toonish duds brand

If your fans get overzealous and start showing up at your house, you've got a couple options: permanently withdraw from the world like Salinger, or get all Penn on the mofos and dangle them by their ankles over a ninth-floor balcony in Macau. Or, calmly build them a store in SOMA, like Gama-Go

Throughout eight years of sellin' their web-only, toonishly wacked-out duds n' design objects, SF-based Gama repeatedly experienced Go-nuts turning up at their studio all crazy-eyed trying to hang out -- and since awkward gets scary real fast, they opened a flagship brick n' mortar to hawk all their e-wares, bolstered by some in-store exclusives. So far, they've stocked the shop with bright art tees, pique cotton polos, and luxe hoodies (w/ contrast inner hood and interior zip pockets), all adorned with everything from printed crow silhouettes on playground swings, to a tastefully embroidered yeti head, to a giant red squid seemingly trying to unzip you, without so much as buying you an ink. For those feverishly craving their bags, Gama's got variously sized messengers with tough Cordura outsides/polyester insides, emblazoned with stuff like guns/passports/contraband, a white bird flying amidst a bunch of black ones, or tons of miscellany like sleeping masks that look like pink sunglasses and square coasters printed w/ Polaroids of hot, scantily clad 60s-era vixens...wait, sorry, that's your mom

Gama's current in-store-only action consists of a pair of Air Force Ones hand-painted with their signature yeti running amok in the forest, and faux-fur-lined, fair-style knock-down yeti dolls -- so you can get your bigfoot fix without harassing him at his cave with a bag of popcorn and a DVD of Kingpin.