It's tough convincing people you're a BBQ sureshot if you keep singeing your navel hair reaching for the giant fork. Strap on the Grillslinger and you'll be able to flip five burgers before some Kiss the Chef-wearing daisy can draw his tongs.Designed by two New Zealand charcoal junkies, the GS is a badass BBQ tool belt, complete with an adjustable waistline to accommodate even the portliest pork chop outlaw. Whereas other aprons let instruments float around in carry-all pockets, GS has patented, lock-and-load inserts that holster the custom equipment it comes with (grilling knife, performance tongs, spatula). It also has side pouches for your other accoutrements, keeping them in reach for efficient cooking, and Cocktail-esque displays of meat flair.Be warned: Much like Icarus' wings, the Grillslinger will boost your confidence and draw you closer and closer to the flame. Unfortunately, it's not fire retardant -- get too cocky and you will die.