You'd assume BBQ season's biggest dilemma (eating standing up and holding a plate in one hand) would've been solved by an effective dual-purpose utensil -- but how are you supposed to cut your delicately charred T-bone with a spork? Here to uni-handedly slice up your eats: the Knork

The ingeniously designed Knork's basically a fork and knife fused into one, but with no inner-cheek-imperiling sharp or serrated edges. The product of years of Bondo-modded forks and CAD schematics, its functionality's gained through 1) beveled edges capable of tearing through most comestibles, 2) a precisely rounded curvature that provides a pizza-cutter-efficient rocking motion, and 3) a wide thumb platform that lets you apply the pressure necessary to hack up your eats without jeopardizing your means of running away from home. When properly aligned and rocked, the thing slides through pretty much anything, from vegetables to chicken to steaks, although you'll have to get through your Jawbreakers the old-fashioned way: quickly, and with extensive oral surgery

In addition to the original heavy-duty stainless steel number in three finishes, Knorks also come in two party-friendly plastic models, one washable and one disposable -- thus addressing BBQ season's second biggest dilemma, operating complicated dishwashers when you've spent the afternoon doing bat races.



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