Throughout history, man's greatest thrills have come when he's got no clue what he's gonna get -- from explorers setting sail on an uncharted ocean, to forgoing the dinette set for the mysteries behind Door Number 3 (it's another dinette set. It's always a dinette set). Purchase the unknown, at SomethingStore. Taking a wildly different tack from the net's ocean of super-focused retailers, SS's premise is simple: pay them 10 bones, and they'll send you...something (so unlike with Judge Smails, "You'll get something, and like it!"). Sounds preposterous, but apparently the mystic geniuses running the site use shady connections to access discounted, unique, and useful goodies from liquidators, wholesalers, artisans, and manufacturers, allowing them to unload it for a low-low price that includes shipping anywhere in the US (benevolence that unfortunately means you won't be getting an anvil). Encouraging examples of previous deliveries're listed on the Something Tracker: Madden '08 for XBox, a Perry Ellis Shirt, a dart board, a panini press, and two of the most obviously awesome Hamiltonian deals, $25 gift cards from Target and ExxonMobil -- which'll get you a trunkful o' tiny mouthwash bottles, and about halfway home from the gas station

As the wares are completely random, not everything (jewelry box, pashmina scarf) is ideal dude stuff -- but hey, if you're not willing to risk ending up with a belly-dancer costume to get something incredible, at least you'll have a sweet credenza, and whatever else is in a dinette set.