The 720 California 4th Floor Men's Room Blog

In life, there exists a certain ubiquitous set of unpleasantries every man must eventually face, like the cold, hard realization that she loves another guy, or the warm, hard realization that another guy was juuuust parked on this toilet seat. Chronicling one man's struggle with torments like the latter, The 720 California 4th Floor Men's Room Blog.

Penned by an eloquent "potty blogger" who works in the building, 720's a delightfully disgusting compendium of harrowing tales from the 4th floor water closet (and a few other choice spots), some of which aim to colorfully foster proper pisser n' crapper etiquette and stimulate discourse, while others just aim to make you piss yourself, saving you the trouble.

On leaving the scene after clogging the john: "If you are the chef that served up the meal that the toilet could not digest, you have a moral obligation to call facilities and report the crime. Be a man."

On answering deep, philosophical bathroom questions: "Is it weird to walk out of the men's room holding a box of cereal? Unless there has been a natural disaster that knocked out the power to your refrigerator so that the only way you can store your milk and keep it from going sour is by tying a string around the carton and gently submerging it into the cool water of your toilet...yes; yes it is."

On a shocking discovery made in the middle "business chamber": "It was in [the] small stall and it dwarfed its surroundings. At first, I was concerned that someone had accidentally dropped their backpack into the toilet. Then it hit me: 'That's not a backpack.'"

The best part? This is potty blogger's second potty blog, so if you're sufficiently tickled by these poosings, just click "view my complete profile" to get linked to the now defunct 340 Brannan 5th Floor Men's Room Blog -- unless you come to the cold hard realization that you work at 340 Brannan, and that bowl spackling scofflaw was you.