Milkcrate Cafe

There's nothing like sitting in a coffee shop listening to the singer/songwriter XM station to make you nostalgic for the sweet, sweet joy of commercial interruption. Instead, for quality java with a top-notch soundtrack you can also buy, hit Milkcrate Cafe, open today.

A one-time owner of Cue Records best known by his aggressively manly DJ handle, Botany 500, Adam Porter's taken over Fishtown's former Canvas Cafe with Milkcrate, a coffee/record shop with walls displaying 100+ albums that coincide with selections Porter picks from his iPhone, wifi'd to a Carver amp and pro-grade Sennheiser speakers (The King of Ears?). The ground level's a bright 24-seat coffee haunt where, along with browsing music-related books/magazines and vintage stereo equipment, patrons can snag South Street Bagels, scones & muffins from le Bus, and sip chai, tea, and house-made hot chocolate, plus espresso specialties (mocha, latte, macchiato...) from La Colombe, whose grounds fuel a house brew and changing-daily "special blend", available in-store via personal French presses, also the move responsible for Serge Nubret's second-place Pumping Iron finish. Downstairs is loaded with hand-picked vinyl from Porter's personal and Cue-sourced collections, and spans genres from funk, jazz & soul, to Latin, Brazilian, and even "Fishtown" -- where the older albums refuse to fraternize with the newer additions.

Along with plans to initiate a guest setlist curator series, within a month Milkcrate'll offer a selection of sandwiches named after artists, songs, and musical movements, including the Run BLT, which you'll wolf down as the barista kindly asks you to "walk this way" out of the shop, just for screaming out how you'd give everyone a loan, and that bad credit and no credit, and even bankruptcy were no problem.