My Jello Americans

While Jell-O shots are universally fun, they're not without problems: they take forever to make, never come out without breaking apart, and seriously, vodka tastes pretty crappy when mixed with pudding. What? Jell-O also makes Jell-O? Crap. Boldly pushing those party favorites to a whole new terrifying level, My Jello Americans.

Updated as new creations're developed, perfected, and thoroughly tested, MJA's a blog of elaborately-prepared, cleverly-named Jell-O shots initially spawned from two Fishtown chicks' desire to make a gelatinous drink actually involving Lost's paralyzing Medusa Spider, dropping the idea due to the creature's apparent nonexistence, then getting each other killed over a sack of diamonds even though the only thing to spend them on on this damn island is giant tubs of Ranch dressing and old copies of Guns & Ammo. While avoiding talks of process, the ladies break down all ingredients on the single-serving artworks: flavored and non-flavored gelatins like Knox mixed with beers, myriad foods (from candied ginger to limes), a range of accessories (from coffee stirrers-cum-straws to edible gold flake), and plenty of dark and clear liquors before photographing them, opening up the mouthwatering possibility of schnapps-shots. Projects include a take on the pre-school fave Ants on a Log, subbing green Twizzlers for celery and mixing gelatin and vodka into the peanut butter; a shooter with gummy eggs resting atop a shot of gelatin and homemade maple bacon vodka; and The Monkey On My Back, a banana-flavored vodka disc with a chunk of real banana and a plastic monkey on top (no word on a plastic Dustin Hoffman attempting to contain the plastic Motaba virus).

Though the blog is still in its infancy and its future undecided, with the minds behind it thinking book deal, MJA has already boosted the Jell-O shot to new heights, something we all could do one day if only the damn things would come OUT OF THE FREAKI...ARRGGHH!!!

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