Lots of people turn their hobbies into day jobs, from Tony Hawk and his skateboarding empire, to Martha Stewart, who most people didn't even realize was a longtime casual inside trader. For a guy who turned kickass woodworking skills into a sweet 9-to-5, check out Audiowood.Audiowood was born after its North Florida-based owner Joel's handmade wood turntable got so many "whoa man, you should sell these" props from friends that he now turns all sorts of wood into a full range of audio and home gear including everything from speakers and amps, to iPhone docks and his signature, incredibly detailed and unique turntables, which can be duplicated from an existing lineup or custom-made, also a movie where you can remove all the scenes with Diddy.Chipmunk: Joel's latest creation is a modified version of one of his preliminary models, which keeps the slab of natural-edge wood, but cuts the price down by doing things like removing the glass platter, something that's liable to get your arm broken in Val Kilmer's house, if so much as a morsel of blackcurrant and poppy seed scone is left on it.El Diablo: This guy's made with one-of-a-kind solid redwood, ebonized maple legs, and a damn-fancy wax finish. Plus, the Teres Verus rim-drive motor apparently knows just how much pressure to apply to the platter, unlike Val Kilmer, who often just bites right through it.Other Stuff: He's also got floorstanding speakers custom made with different types of finishes, iPhone charging docks that look like tree branches, and an amp built into a huge chunk of wood, which's what the other Goonies called him when he hit puberty, and realized Kerri Green was hot.Slated to be released in the next week or so is Joel's "plyboo" line (a sturdier bamboo), a completely eco-friendly set including an iPhone dock, turntable, wall-hung home theater console with built-in speakers, and a custom hanging shelf for the iPad 2, also Martha's bank-account-referencing vanity plate.