No. 7 Sub

It's great to beat a former employer at their own game -- just ask the JetBlue guy, who left Southwest and one-upped their low-cost travel offerings, or Dave Mustaine, who left Metallica and one-upped their life-crippling drug addictions. Taste the bread-wrapped fruits of sweet, delicious revenge, at No. 7 Sub, opening Wednesday.Finally setting up shop in standing-room only, black & white marble decked Ace digs, Sub's the second culinary gambit from the team behind Fort Greene's critically-acclaimed No. 7, one of whom actually once worked at Subway but is now unleashing a selection of elevated sandos so irresistible they'd cause Jared to gain back those 245 pounds (What's that, People? He already did!?). The adventure includes next-level creations like the Ceviche, adorned w/ cukes, red onion, avocado, fried hominy, and "leche de tiger" mayo; braised lamb w/ yogurt sauce, Texas caviar (a spicy black bean spread), romaine, and pappadam; and hot & sour egg salad topped w/ bamboo shoots, wonton crackers, and some top secret stuff called "gloop", a Willy Wonka-ian reference that overlooks the fact the great big greedy nincompoop is you. Classic standbys get punched up as well: ham & cheese also rocks pineapple/ maraschino cherries/ potato salad, roast beef includes pickled blueberries & pea shoots, and tuna salad gets avocado, pickles, BBQ potato chips, and mung bean sprouts, which are far tastier than their name suggests.Evincing their dedication, Sub's even gone so far as to rent space in Brooklyn, to serve as a bakery where they'll make their own bread, a laborious extra step, but one that'll hopefully ensure this indie sandwich shop isn't sentenced to Megadeth.