SpiNYC Gets Loaded...With Talent!

This Friday night, an exhibition by the top 10 table tennis players in the country marks the inaugural evening of full bar service at the 9,000sqft subterranean pong-ri-la, where the track-lit main room rocks Olympic-grade cushioned playing surfaces for 15 stylish tables, fold-out bleacher seating, and a panoramic window looking out onto beautiful...subway tracks; food'll follow on Sept 8th, from gourmet flavored popcorn, to makizushi (e.g., chopped pork/cucumber/scallions w/ spicy chili aioli), to sandwiches like The Napa (duck confit/rosemary fig jam/baby spinach on ciabatta) and the chorizo/hard cider/apples El Torro, whose name suckers you into thinking it's made of beef, but that's just bull.