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Hard-to-find beers shipped right from the brewery

Published On 02/10/2012 Published On 02/10/2012

There’s nothing like sitting on your couch and having delicious, hard-to-find microbrews hand-delivered to you, but since your futuristic robot butler is currently under the employ of Paulie from Rocky, instead rely on Beerjobber: a new service that will arrange for beer to be delivered to your home straight from 30+ craft breweries across the nation, while still astoundingly fresh.

The website's got a slick system that'll match you up with the perfect beer for your tastes, and before ordering your choice, or adding it to your wish list, you can check out reviews from other users and browse info on flavor profiles, which should probably say "I'm short, wear a clock around my neck, and am looking for love from Brigitte Nielsen".

Examples of hard-to-get suds they can legally ship to ATL are the light-bodied Bomb Lager from NY, a slightly sweet Mexican cerveza from Del Norte Brewing Co, CO-based Urca Vanilla Porter (made with two pounds of vanilla beans), and a variety pack of 16oz pounders from Seattle's Hilliard's, who make a product far superior to Natty Ike.

Because they think you're simply amazing, the Jobber team is giving Thrillist readers special early access to the site via code THRILLIST2012, and just remember that you'll need to be home when the beer arrives since the delivery guy has to card you, which’s better than him undercarding you, because they never even show those fights in the Rocky movies.



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