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Blueberry-Stuffed French Toast

Published On 05/07/2012 Published On 05/07/2012

Because apparently moms don't like getting ties every year either, use this excellent recipe from Ocean Prime's regional executive chef Michael Denton to impress her with an amazing brunch this Sunday.

The Filling: Make blueberry sauce, then put some of it in a filling comprised of honey and cream cheese, also what they called the dude from The Wire when they found out he was in Wu-Tang.

The Toasting: Whip up cinnamon/ nutmeg batter, spread filling on slices of brioche, and stick 'em to ones without the spread. Then, brown & bake both sides after they get dipped in the batter. (Note: do NOT use Prince Fielder for this. He will eat everything.)

The Bacon-ing: You're caramelizing that pig candy by putting it in a 350-degree oven once you've tossed it in brown sugar, creating a sweet/ salty flavor you hope mom Taye Diggs.

The Plating: Garnish that ish with remaining blueberries & whipped cream, give each serving three bacon slices, dust it all with powdered sugar, then serve it with warm maple syrup in a small sauce boat, all of which will make up for you not getting her a cruise on the Ocean Prime.