A pizza truck with an army of pretty girls

Lest it become popular as a nickname for the producers of John Carter, Bomb Squad wants to blow up in a much more delicious way: as possibly the city's first legit pizza truck (technically S&J's is a trailer), which's not only designed to look like a bomb unit van, but intends to keep your attention with the only thing better than a pizza truck -- a pizza hammock, made from pizza a team of hot women promoting them, and feeding you.Because studies show that eating an entire pizza in front of hot girls is the worst idea in history, the four-deck, 600-degree oven is turning out slices you can top with everything from standard pepperoni to sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and buffalo mozzarella. The girls (actually "Bombshells", thank you) take and deliver orders, or just hang around and chat, because, you know, they really GET you. You can even tap them to work events (with or without pizza), at which up to six ladies'll entertain guests by handing out beers, collecting money for your charity, and driving carts around your golf tourney to deliver slices, unless Phil Mickelson's boobs get to them first.If you go the catering route, they'll make you whole pies, in addition to calzones, cookies, pound cakes, and pretzels, since with advance knowledge of your group's size they can be sure to make enough dough, something Disney and Tim Riggins only wish they could.