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Local chefs spice up your Super Bowl party


Sure, only a trip to Pink Pony can make the Falcons’ Sunday Super, but you’re still gonna watch the big game, which’s why we recruited three of ATL’s finest chefs to create beautifully easy-to-make snack recipes.

Bourbon Barbecue Short Ribs
Chef Tim Williams, Dantanna's
You'll sauté, slow-cook, then sauce these meat-racks with a mix of whiskey, brown sugar, and apple juice boiled down "until it has lost approximately 2/3 of its volume", which will likely also describe your TV once Madonna's halftime show comes on.

Get that recipe now

Ale “Flip” Cocktail
Kraig Torres, Hop City
The brew superstore owner's recipe combines your favorite ale with a cooked-then-cooled concoction of lemon juice, sugar, ginger, egg yolk, and brandy, which’ll have guests begging for mo’...esha.

Kraig's like a beer genius or something. Print these directions and drink like a champ.

Southwest Sopapillas
Chef Eddie Hernandez, Taqueria del Sol
Just like Rick Ross, tell everybody you've got eight balls of these puffy sweets that’re made with homemade dough, fried at 325 degrees, rolled with cinnamon sugar, and topped with honey butter.

No one will care about the game after eating the results of this recipe. No one in Atlanta ever does anyway.

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