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Grab Sunday-dinner fare from a charitable truck

Not just what they call Lohan when she's depressed about having to show cleavage in court again, Freckled & Blue's also a zig-zagged truck serving modernized Sunday-dinner-style Southern food, and is named as such due to the physical features of the Clemson sweethearts-turned-owners (the lady has freckles; her beau has blue pinkie toes eyes)

Let's assume, for hilarity's sake, that you're "trying to be healthy". Guess what, they've got a lettuce bowl! Oh but wait: it comes topped with sweet/ spicy pork shoulder & Sriracha, so just go on and say "screw you, health", and add an order of jalapeño bacon pimento cheese-stuffed deviled eggs. Since you only had a pork shoulder salad for first-dinner, you should also grab a "Southern" Philly (coated with that same homemade pimento), a turkey burger made spicy w/ chili flakes & pepper jack, a Grandma-esque fried chicken/ mac-n-cheese/ buttery biscuit plate, or bacon-ketchup-sauced, garlic-mash-sided "meatloaf bites", which is pretty mean, because anyone can admit that dude had some strong years back there.

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