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Eat these amazing tacos for free; go back for great BBQ sammies

You may want to make a change to the man in the mirror after taking down tons and tons of Korean street-style eats at MJ, a new 식당 (that's "restaurant" in Korean! Act like you knew!) with stone walls and columns, arched walkways, and paintings of floral silhouettes

Start with a stir-fried kimchi quesadilla, or sesame lemon pepper fries w/ marinated ground beef, then get on to a bi bim rice bowl (w/ chicken, ground beef, or steak), or piles of crisp-fried wings in flavors like mango habanero and the soy garlic/ hot sauce "Two Face", which shouldn't be too hard to put a Dent into. There're also "sloppy" sammies like the BBQ steak/ spicy pork/ sweet vinaigrette/ sunny-side up egg Twin Tower (too soon?), and tacos ranging from pork marinated in spicy chili sauce & topped w/ caramel mayo, to panko shrimp, to the AFC, meaning "Asian Fried Chicken", not Alsatian Friends Conference, like you were obviously thinking

As for those free tacos, you'll get two of them (one chicken, one steak) by following these simple rules: just join the Facebook event now and click "Share" on the left, then check in online on Sat before you order at the counter, and get to work on becoming anything but a Pretty Young Thing. PYT!