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Holy lobster rolls in the West End

And Fred Lord said, "let there be lobster", mainly because he wanted to sell it from a counter set up inside the lovably sketchy, cast-iron-fenced Nicky's Seafood, called the Lobster Lord.And Fred Lord saw that fresh, never-frozen lobster from Maine was good, and so he got it flown in every Friday before boiling it, mixing it with mayo, tarragon, and lemon/ lime zest, then throwing it on a buttered/ grilled challah roll (made in-house w/ cornstarch, tomato, nutmeg, and Jack effing Daniel's), and garnishing it w/ local organic lettuce that's grown hydroponically, so you know that's some good green.And Fred Lord didn't invent the seasons, but he knew that it would be wise to offer special dishes during them, which for now is a lobster BLT, and in three weeks will also include the "Lazy Man's Lobster" menu in which crustacean meat makes its way into pasta dishes like tortellini, tagliatelle, or risotto, plus Southern-y setups like lobster & grits.And Fred Lord realized that people would want him to cater their events, like the one at Uptown Comedy Corner Sept 15th with joke-makers, live R&B, and a play called They Refuse To Call Me Mr. President, although Fred Lord hasn't seen it yet, so he's not sure if it was good.