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Get fattened up like a Food Network host

If you want probably the best TV dinner ever that doesn't include a Salisbury steak (and if you're really lucky, an apple cobbler), swing by Coast's Chopped supper tomorrow to be wowed by chef Quentin Donnaud, as he employs the Food Network show's signature elements of culinary surprise in a meal he'll create to render you unable to move, so you'll stay and watch the episode starring him when it debuts at 10p

They're refusing to say exactly what'll be on the a la carte menu, choosing instead to only reveal the ingredients, and they're awesome: white shrimp, potato chips, hanger steak, gummy worms, and matzoh, so rest assured Jew will enjoy this meal very much. Mount Gay Rum's also been brought in, meaning you'll get $5 rum punch all night even while it's mixed into a dessert also bizarrely/deliciously featuring grits, jalapeños, and beets -- not Beats, although with ingredients this crazy, that doesn't even sound off-bass

Come back anytime between Wed and Sun, and they'll have a special $25 prix fixe dinner with the exact items Chef made for his Chopped episode -- so basically, another high-class meal that's not just cobblered together.