Food & Drink

A boob-appreciating cabin from the OG Hooters gang

The team behind Twin Peaks also started Hooters, yet they'd like you to forget about those other boobs and Kyle MacLachlan so they can introduce Buckhead's newest (first?) "breastaurant". It'll offer "scenic views" of gorgeous, be-cleavaged ladies in red plaid tied-up shirts in a double-decker cabin-esque space with hand-cut log seats, and a wide assortment of taxidermy, including deer and foxes, although you'll be too busy staring at the ones with boobs to notice.Their starters are classily dubbed "teasers", and include venison chili and "Average Joes" (cheddar brats w/ smokehouse pico & Dijon mustard), while Phillys come w/ jalapeños, queso & pico to make them "Texas style", and burgers range from braised steak sliders to the bacon/ American / fried egg Hangover -- which, just like the movie, you should definitely not have two of. Meaty mains include green chile meatloaf w/ mac 'n cheese, chicken-fried steak w/ jalapeño cream gravy, and, if it's your own girlish figure you came here to watch, the garlic lime-buttered "Trophy Trout".Beer's available, including their proprietary 6% Dirty Blonde and Knotty Brunette amber in sizes up to 44-DD, hopefully, because anything bigger is just too damn much "man-sized" 22ozers, which pour through a system serving them "at 29 degrees!", likely the average number held by most of the red plaid-shirted employees.