Matt Coggin is here to keep you cool, and full

A couple weeks ago, it was 3a, and D.B.A. meat master Matt Coggin had an epiphany. No, not the Christian festival commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles in the persons of the Magi. More like "I need to make cone-shaped pudding pops that blend custard with egg and vanilla, then add amazing flavors." And those flavors included: The Elvis: The King's got vanilla wafer crumbles on top, and once cooled enough to solidify, the 'nana pudding center gets rolled in bacon that's been candied w/ brown sugar -- perfect if you've just finished smoking some of D'Angelo's.Chocolate Thin Mint: Both the inside and perimeter of this pop's got crumblings and thick chunks of its namesake Girl Scout cookie, although telling your friends you're going to cop some will surely result in Tagalongs.The Scared Turtle: The highlight of Matt's booze-infused (inboozed?) pops is mixed with frozen Whynatte and cake vodka, which any respectable music fan will agree is better than one mixed with Everclear.Matt also just purchased a refrigerated puddin' popsicle cart that'll make its debut outside D.B.A. during next weekend's Summerfest, though any resulting epiphany will likely include the Assumption that you'll feast.