A sexy take on Caribbean in Little Five

The great Bob Marley had all types of good advice; just listening to Legend will make you stand up for your rights and tell your woman to stop crying all the time, which hopefully won't end up with her telling the sheriff she shot you. Using an easier-going Marley-ism as a reason to inspire you to eat Jamaican, Stir It Up.

Stir's a refreshingly upscale diversity-celebrating take on dine-in Caribbean decked with reclaimed pine tables, a wood canopy bar, a plush purple velvet banquette, and a wall of gold-framed photos of Jamaicans from various ethnic backgrounds (African, Indian, ...Chinese!) to honor the island nation's credo, "Out of many, one people", also the most frequent complaint about your dentist's magazine rack. They're stuffing you with BBQ beef & pork ribs, jerk options ranging from chopped chicken to a spicy seasoned beef burger, and standards like stewed oxtail, plus salt fish & cabbage w/ fried dumplings; all come with sweet plantains and a side choice like homemade chicken stuffing (a four-generation recipe), or jasmine rice, which any Jasmine Guy knows will help your hunger (Dwayne) wane. You can also get sammies like twice-sauteed pulled pork, veggie options like tofu chop suey, and seafood dishes like grunt escovitch in a vinegar/ onion/ chayote/ carrot/ Scotch bonnet pepper gravy, which helped the chef gain the moniker "The Master of Sauces", which he took while Jim Jones and Cam'ron fought over "The Master of Dips".

You're BYOB-ing for now, but can soon expect Red Stripe and other go-to brews, vino, and even homemade fruit punch spiked with 126-proof rum whenever the license clears -- making it worth petitioning City Hall to demand they "Legalize It", as you just pray the sheriff doesn't shoot you down.