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Meatloaf & Thai Jerky Downtown

While he doesn't seem too ashamed of his poverty, you should still help this guy Calvin become a little less poor by visiting his Asian-American spot in the former O'Terrill's, from which he removed the 300lb robot and sense that Rufus was going to shoot you in the leg, and added walls, subway tile, lots of golden Buddha art and statues

The Savannah-bred chef's menu is less fusiony than the name that includes "Fusion" would lead you to believe -- it's more just slightly tweaked Asian and American plates next to one another, including housemade Thai-style marinated filet tip jerky, pan-fried chicken w/ lobster mac & cheese, and "My Best Friend's Meatloaf", which would mean that Mr. Aday hangs out with you all the time and eats most of your meal, so luckily they also throw in some kale mashed potatoes & tequila gravy

They unfortunately won't be getting booze until January, but in the meantime, at least they've got a huge wooden patio looking out over Piedmont, which they're going to ring with French doors to battle the upcoming cold weather, and of course, the robots.