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The Holy Taco gang gives the old Shaun's a hunter's spirit

Published On 05/12/2011 Published On 05/12/2011

Any place with animal heads is generally assured to be kinda awesome, although it does make you wonder who's currently playing the drums for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. You probably won't figure that out, but will definitely get awesomely fed, at One Eared Stag.

A delicious project from the Holy Taco peeps, Stag's taken over the old Shaun's to bring you Euro-inspired dishes and a full bar with the mounted head of a one-eared stag (they claim a dog chewed the other one off, post-death), and a 22ft reclaimed barnwood banquette underneath the heads of a Spanish goat, a giant steer, a couple hogs, and antlers collected from around the world by the owner, who is himself a bullhunter, so hopefully he takes out Derrick Rose, and quick. The first few weeks they'll be strictly lunchin' you with seasonal pickled veggies, a daily selection of cured meats, and eclectic snacks like chicharrones w/ sweet & sour vinegar, a bibb lettuce salad loaded with ham fat croutons, and even a touch of Asia via kimchi-sided buttermilk-fried chicken necks, who were finally smart enough to cut off their relationships with chickenheads. The for-now lunch menu rounds out with samsters like grilled ham & cheese w/ quince paste, and a Riverview Farms pork belly BLT w/ pork fat mayo, then sets sail with a Virginia lump crab roll, clams w/ bacon cream & fingerling potatoes, and whole grilled sardines, to which you can add apricot & cured ham-aided pole beans, which don't have to be magic to make your stalk grow.

They're planning on keeping the cocktails classic, and will have canned/bottled beers like Schlitz, Fat Tire, and both Two Hearted and Oberon Ales from Bell's, which Animal played with impassioned tenderness, until he ate them.

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1. One Eared Stag 1029 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30308 (Inman Park)

Housed in an open, quirky space in Inman Park with stag taxidermy adorning the walls, One Eared Stag offers a refined, elegant dining experience in a neighborhood space. Helmed by Chef Robert Phalen, the kitchen serves his innovative American fare seven days a week. Expect dishes like milk curd toast with fried capers and smoked roe, chicken schnitzel, and shishito peppers with benne seed. Weekday happy hours boast $1 oysters and $1 beers, and every month the cocktail menu changes in accordance with a new theme. Though the menus change often, there’s something off-menu worth mentioning, and worth the visit alone: The Meatstick. The two-patty burger is smothered with American cheese and topped with pickled onions, but the most important thing to know about the heart-stopping sandwich is that its patties are comprised of both beef… and bacon.