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Brooklyn Brewery wants your chicken recipe; will pay with cash and beer

Brooklyn Brewery has clearly been listening to Ludacris's '03 album, because they're fusing their suds with poultry at the Atlanta Chicken Experiment. The amateur cook-off lets you choose between eating/drinking as an audience member or showing off your own recipe among "Atlanta’s finest, most committed, passionate, and intense home chefs", meaning there's finally a place where you won't see the Real Housewives.To compete, sign up now while there's still room and tell them what kinda chicken you're making, who you're bringing (one teammate's allowed), and if you'll need a chafing dish/know what a chafing dish is. They'll toss you $50 to help with groceries, as long as you end up with enough samples to feed up to 300, so it might be wise to make that teammate a Butler. Judges like Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill and Cardamom Hill's Asha Gomez'll decide who takes the grand prize (a free trip to compete in the brewery's national championships in Brooklyn), as well as professional cast-iron cookware from Le Creuset, Wusthof knives, and kitchen utensils from Microplane, a reward that may seem small, but is actually pretty fly.Again, you're welcome to watch and enjoy plenty of chicken samples and a free Brooklyn, but perhaps the greatest incentive to cook is that you'll get as much beer as you want -- just be sure your intake doesn't make it impossible to Stand Up.