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A still-in-renovation ATL landmark gets a perky first tenant

Proving that the Ponce City Market will indeed exist, Batdorf & Bronson (the ATL coffee company, not the vigilante movie with Charles and the small-town German Batman) unleashed Dancing Goats, a shiny black subway-tiled loft with dangling Edisons and a mural of the B&B coffee-blossom logo.Hit the wood-planked "slow bar" and ask for a lemon zest espresso, an iced Americano that's full-immersion-brewed (the grounds settle naturally, rather than get pushed down French press-style), or the hand-brewed chocolate/ berry/ marzipan Old 4th Ward, described as "bright and balanced", just like Gabby Douglas's teeth, and Gabby Douglas. They say coffee's an appetite suppressant, but not even it could contend with homemade pop tarts, sugar doughnuts, and other pastries from Decatur bakery Duck's Cosmic Kitchen, plus bacon quiches from H&F, and seasonal sammies made daily by Jay Swift (yup, from 4th & Swift), like roast turkey w/ Hobbs bacon, which sounds anything but G.R.O.S.S.In a week or so they'll have a freezer full of King of Pops-made B&B 'sicles (coffee, latte, cacao-chocolate mocha), but be there tomorrow for the grand opening, at which you'll get a free sugar doughnut if you can produce one of those O4W stickers, something you'd be a total ponce not to do.