Don't worry, it's got way more meat than fig jam

Opening today in the old Baroni spot, Fig Jam’s a manly meathouse and drinkery that resembles a cavernous carnivore's dream, thanks to subway-tile walls, wood paneling, chalkboard drawings of butcher cuts, and, in the dining room’s center, a tower with meat-and-fine-aged-cheese-smoking in a glass chamber, which Wu-Tang calls “one of the easier chambers to escape from, of the 36”.

Most plates' components hit the kitchen's wood-fired grill, from charred octopus, fig bourbon-glazed lamb belly, and short rib sliders, to larger dishes like Mediterranean seafood stew, and the Mixed Grill: a big plate covered with sausage, a Brasstown Farms rib eye, duck breast, and lamb rack, as you'll flock to anywhere filled with breasts and racks.

Beers include bottles of Ommegang Abbey and Estrella Damm, and they've recruited an Ormsby's barkeep to craft a bourbon-heavy drink menu of classics and originals like popcorn-infused rum topped w/ Coke, which she calls the Cinema Highball, as opposed to Pee-Wee Herman's favorite, the Cinema Hi, Ball.

Since this is apparently "winter", they've got heated-to-order mulled wine, and will soon have a bevy of beer cocktails involving Scotch or bourbon, plus a ginger beer/hibiscus liqueur/herb liqueur Dark & Stormy riff called The Remedy -- which, for Wu-Tang, is generally "smoke this blunt, then make a bunch of solo albums, then just, like, smoke another blunt or something."