Food & Drink

A European vacation of food

Because "A Restaurant That Boasts Varied European Influences in Both Food and Alcohol Selections" was a little clunky, the gang who took over Tierra instead went with Eclectic, then hooked it up with thick wooden tables, a covered patio deck out back, and tons of French posters.Start eating your way across Europe (although hopefully not all the way to the Russian border, unless you're deep into cold cabbage soups) with Spanish chorizo-aided Portuguese clams, chicken cordon bleu w/ ham, mozzarella, basil & sautéed spinach, grilled lamb/ goat cheese paninis, and daily specials like fire-roasted red peppers stuffed w/ chicken. Bigger fare includes Greek moussaka (beef, lamb & potato casserole), grilled lamb racks in mustard mushroom sauce, and Italian plates like shrimp/ scallop/ calamari linguini pescatore, plus Venetian schnitzel -- which, unlike playing with your own, will not cause you to go blinds.Because Newsweek reports that Europeans enjoy drinking, cocktails include the blood orange liqueur/ gin Bloody Sun, while the equally strong beer selection counts Maredsous from Belgium and Kölsch-style Endless River from NC's Mother Earth, enough of which will make you a little clunky, too.