Midtown's sexy new steakhouse-lounge is here

Celebrating the simplicity of a great steak by removing all those showy "vowels" is STK, the chic new steakhouse/lounge opening today and greeting you with a wavy wall of plaster-cast bullhorns on white brick, a DJ-boothed mingling area with a croc-tiled rail on the black granite bar, a rear dining room with round b&w leather booths, and dual 10-seat private suites upstairs named after burlesque divas Tempest Storm and Candy Barr...SKOR!!

Chef Jeremy Miller ATL-tweaked the menu with stuff such as duck peppercorn pasta, hamachi w/ chili & yuzu crab from the raw bar, entrees like Carolina trout w/ haricot vert-bacon mustard, and of course, steaks ranging from small (6oz skirts) to medium bone-in filets, to a 34oz cowboy rib, which Nate Newton had removed to allow him to sit up.

It says in the Bible that steaks require booze, so grab eight bottled beers including SweetWater Extra Pale, plus inventive cocktails like the Peachtree (Jameson, Bombay, peach schnapps, flamed orange zest), the Tea Time Fix-Up (Aperol, fresh sour, Earl Grey-infused Plymouth), and the Goose/ basil/ jalapeno Green Intensity, which usually involves Tom shoving something up a weird place, excitedly.

They also have small desserts like Ice STK (four mini cones), a warm chocolate s'more brownie w/ toasted marshmallows, and a carnival-inspired caramel corn/ funnel cake/ cotton candy creation, which many would consider a veritable Symphony of treats, if they remembered that almond-toffee candy bar.