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This truck is black magic for roll lovers

D'Angelo's second album was great, but that's not the only Voodoo you'll religiously revisit after you get a mouthful of the sushi coming off this glossy black truck, whose owners believe that one taste of their fresh rolls will put a spell on you. Yes, it's sushi, but there's not a single raw sea creature on the menu, since everything's cooked before making its way onto the truck for obvious reasons. So start out with fresh seaweed salad, and if somebody's needling you about your not exactly doll-like figure, there's an all-veggie roll w/ mint leaves, a squid cucumber salad w/ soy vinaigrette, and hot miso soup w/ bonito broth, which should help you not to develop an applebum.But if you do in fact want your posterior to impress Q-Tip and Phife, grab the double-shrimp (tempura & poached) "Bubba", or the "Voodoo" w/ shrimp tempura, cream cheese, spicy crab salad & eel-sauce, which you'll surely find every bit as addictive as Chicken Grease.