Food truck 'cue gets a permanent home by Turner Field

You can start some great things in a truck, such as a country song, a moving company, and even a family, if you've got an R. Kelly single handy. Stepping up from a food truck to a physical location, and kinda sounding like it's DTF, Boners BBQ.

Popular 'cue truckster Boners just got a home base for its Latin- & Asian-infused Southern soul food: a square white building that's soon to be rocking "Banksy-esque" graffiti outside, an interior with red-/ white-painted walls, and a huge wood-floored upper deck that's directly behind and equally as high as Turner Field's monitor, which of course is infamous for tripping balls. Seriously, baseballs hit it, and fall back into the park. Starter bites include the "Hot Sack Of Nuts" (salted/spiced boiled peanuts) and slow-smoked salt & pepper or dry rubbed wings called "Peckers"; things get slightly bigger with sweet-rolled chicken sliders w/ Asian jalapeno slaw and a BBQ salmon/ jalapeno grits/ sweet corn green chili "Pink Taco"...wait a second, are the names at this place all disgustingly sexy or something? Go big with a half pound of pulled pork w/ cilantro lime rice or a slab of crispy loin-back "Boners", to which you can add sauces like balsamic grape "Purple Haze", and sides like "420 Baked Beans with Smoked Crack" (in Sweetwater 420 sauce with BBQ chicken or pork), or garlic butter/ cilantro/ Mexican cheese-sprinkled "Corn (Whole)", which're always best when scored with a hooker.

Be on the upstairs deck for Opening Day and you'll be just 100 feet below the fighter jets fly-by, and keep your eyes on the menu as they plan to add new items all the time, like the bacon-wrapped, deep-fried, 1lb beef frank they call the "Horndog", a name also applicable to the guy who just had sex in your kitchen, by the buttered rolls.