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Table all plans that don't involve this tavern

The blueprint for how to enjoy yourself at sexy tavern The Drafting Table is actually pretty simple, and probably doesn't require a degree in architecture: walk in, chomp crispy duck leg, crush American craft beers

The den's got Edison bulbs lighting everything from the large, wood-canopied bar surrounded by photos of dogs and ATL landmarks (Mary Mac's, Clermont), to blown-up blueprints of the Pencil Factory Loft, to a booth backed by subway tiled walls, which the owner says are "classy yet homey", meaning he's not trying to get clowned. When finished with that duck leg, get breaded with five serious pizzas (try the smoked ham/ almonds/ cinnamon/ pineapple/ Serrano/ sweet pepper joint), sandwizzies like kielbasa w/ pickled chilis, or a half-bacon/-chuck burger called the 50/50, also Curtis Jackson's version of the 40/40, where the minimum order is nine shots. The entrees get unexpectedly sexy by way of scallops w/ crisp pork belly, curried oxtail w/ mashed sweet potatoes and wilted spinach, and duck breast w/ dates, though you probably won't have any again if you try stiffing yours with the bill

While they get the taps and the cocktail menu set up, enjoy all-USA-bottled brews like MS's Lazy Magnolia Indian Summer wheat, NC's Mother Earth Dark Cloud dunkel, and MA-based witbier Clown Shoes, all of which'll compensate for you not going to grad school by making the room spin 360 degrees.

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