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Chicago's famous fried chicken chain hits the O4W

There's no shame in being a chickenhead as long as you're patronizing Harold's, a Chicago-based takeout spot famous for frying up a seriously delicious bird. You can finally get it in ATL from a purple-painted eatery/lounge with a sectional-couched VIP (which's curtained off so commoners can't see you getting chicken all over your VIP-y clothing), plus the chain's first-ever full bar, which also happens to be its first nitrogen-cooled ice bar

Like the Chi-Town original, they fry all dinners -- which come w/ slaw, fries, and their beloved "BBQ-ish" red mild sauce -- to order, including 24hr-marinated poultry served in quarters, halves, or buckets, plus catfish & perch, livers, gizzards, giblets, and wings, so you should probably Listen to What the Man Said, as long as he said to order these wings

Six domestic taps pour stuff like 420 and Fat Tire, and you can also grab house cocktails like the 1800-heavy Watermelon Margarita w/ floating fruit chunks, and the tequila/ coconut rum/ passion fruit vodka/ vanilla & apple liqueurs/ grapefruit juice 87th St Twister -- have too many, and it'll be Right Hand Red, after it's slapped away repeatedly by women

They'll be peddling more Chi-Town foods in a few months (including massive hot dogs), but in the immediate future look for weekly events like poker, karaoke, live bands, Wine-Down Wednesdays, and trivia, which will presumably include the question "What is the one place it's ok to be a chickenhead?"