Food & Drink

All-day Downtown breakfast makes you a one-man Def Squad

No, Redmanz is not a group of dudes who sing "Funk Doc gets the money, and best believe I went through more trees than Sonny", and enjoy aggressive pluralization. It's actually a Peachtree City cafe that's finally set up a shiny new Downtown shack with a super-open kitchen separated from the dining room by rolling prep tables, and a fenced-in patio where you can hide from the sun under red umbrellas

Proteins & produce from local farmers markets get leveraged in dishes like Belgian waffles w/ wings; smothered, fried, or grilled pork chops w/ grits, eggs, and toast w/ cinnamon or vanilla butter; or omelets (like one with chicken breast, bacon, and pork, beef, Italian, chicken sausages) that can also be made with Egg Beaters, aka every single person who competed in that race against that foolhardy, over-confident egg

If you hate all-day breakfast, you should probably move to Russia or some other place where they don't have all-day breakfast, but until then you can alternately get after sammies like fried bologna & cheese, roasted or grilled farm-raised catfish, or a sautéed onion/ American cheese beef patty melt

Over the next few weeks they plan to host a Friday-night special of all-you-can-eat Savannah crab legs, which the Funk Doc would call "Da Goodness", though if your shell-cracking skills suck he'd surely say "you need classes for practice to tap this Jurassic crab shaft!!!"