Exotic late-night Vietnamese in EAV

Although it would make sense to have those shiesty cephalopods take a grueling test before practicing law, Octopus Bar's actually a new late-night option for Vietnamese eats that starts serving after dinner shuts down at 10p on So Ba's redesigned patio, which now features graffiti of a chubby Buddhist monk and a fresh mural of a white-eyed 'pus, and combines the culinary expertise of Miller Union chef Angus Brown and owner Nhan Le, who also started Bottle Rocket, but somehow doesn’t have one of those sweet yellow jumpsuits.

On the lighter side there're salads like shredded Brussels sprouts w/ walnuts, apples & sheep's milk cheese; roasted beets w/ baby arugula, pistachio vinaigrette & whipped goat cheese; and green papaya w/ jicama, cucumber, shrimp & palm sugar, which’s what LeBron’s girlfriend tells him to do when he asks how to improve his crab-dribble.

Further gut-padding includes fried-then-chili-sauteed salt & pepper shrimp, lamb terrine w/ peanut hummus, pickled 'shrooms & grilled bread, a couple rabbit dishes (braised w/ ricotta cavatelli, or in wontons w/ shrimp), and pho-braised, Spam-like pork belly musubi that comes w/ a shredded Japanese omelet, sushi rice & nori, though not N.O.R.E., because then you'd be asking where's Capone, and they'd just say "Wha-what?"

They've also got family-style meals such as daeji bulgogi (spicy Korean pork) w/ kimchi, along with cellophane noodles/fermented black beans-sided whole red snapper -- which, unlike non-credentialed, cheap-suit-wearing octopi squirming after ambulances, is not very fishy.