P'cheen's deliciously meaty Monday gets a permanent home

Bone Lick opens today, meaning you'll never again spend Tues through Sun hating yourself for watching The Glass House missing P'cheen's Mon night BBQ, since they've turned what started as a dinner party at Mike LaSage's home into a saucy new meat mecca with a recycled wood bar and skee-ball pointed out by a gigantic lit-up carnival arrow.

A seriously sizable kitchen and monstrous smoker out back make possible new starters like smoked pepper pork rinds, and Mexican-style chipotle rib tips, plus there's a tender chopped brisket sando w/ fried shoestring onions, and a house sausage w/ smoked cheddar & jalapeños called the "Naw Dawg", or what Mark Richt said when Isaiah Crowell asked "put me back in, coach?" They'll yell and ring a bell when you order the five-item Fat Ass Sampler (ribs, brisket, sausage, pulled pork, 1/2 pecan-smoked chicken), and will be totally boring and quiet if you go for the Yucatan-style BBQ whole red snapper. And for about the most innovative dessert since Dippin' Dots were invented in 1892, grab spun-to-order, maple syrup-drizzled cotton candy rolled in bacon, or funnel cakes, also what Louie Anderson used to do at frat parties to impress everyone

NY-brewed Porkslap and a gang of other cans are kept in an iced-up, weathered white bathtub, and the jukebox's been stocked with everything from blues to Rick James, which will finally get you thinking about Superfreaks who aren't on ABC from 10 to 11p on Monday nights.