Food & Drink

A musically inspired, iPad-equipped pizza loft

Thanks to technology we can talk to each other across the world, get our news in real-time, and inhabit entire virtual cities made of Geos. And now tech can order your pizza, if you hit up do At The View.Owned by One Stop Promotions A/V guru Christian Ruffin, this pie palace boasts a 40ft white-lit bar, white leather couches, projectors throwing ambient images (drops of water, laser scribbles) and music videos on the walls, an upstairs lounge and outside deck, and an ordering system run completely through iPads, which're docked at every table and programmed with an interactive menu app, on which you can order...apps! Or like, pizza or whatever. Fattening possibilities include flatbread "Preludes" (chipotle shrimp w/ mozzarella, creamy crab & andouille sausage), square-cut 'zas like the rosemary/ basil/ sea salt "Melody" or the garlic cream-sauced "Maestro" w/ spinach & shrimp, and desserts like espresso-soaked ladyfingers w/ mascarpone and cocoa powder, which're "bound to make your heart skip a beat", meaning it'll go crazy you. Crazy, craaaaazy you. They're also filling you with bottles and taps plus house cocktails including vodka-spiked lemonades (sweet tea, Ciroc berry), Martinis from a blood orange job to the aloe/mint/vodka "Berry Gordy", sangrias like the amaretto-mixed "Lady In Red", and "do-jitos" like the "Cucumber Slumber", slightly more restful than the one you get once pickled.Those iPads also ping the valet when you're ready to leave, and feature a private chat room in which you can mingle with other guests. You can even play DJ and use your own iPhone to request tunes, and if your song gets enough votes they'll play it and show the video, so hopefully to discourage repeats they have a Tracker, although he always insists on going into playing Flipmode.Photo by