The takeaway is that your lunch will be awesome

Because you can't just eat seven king-sized Oh Henry! bars for lunch every day, there's Take Away Cafe: a new gourmet lunchmaker just opened in the sexily named M West residential/commercial complex, set up for grab-n-go meals (although there’s a patio with three umbrella-covered tables if you insist on staying), brought to you by the culinary vets at local food-gifting service Instead of Flowers, which once delivered Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky.

Sandwiches kinda run the joint, including the Beef on Weck (rare roast w/ Brie and horseradish sauce on a Kummelweck roll), the peach BBQ-sauced smoked brisket w/ caramelized onions on focaccia ciabatta, or the Thanksgiving with herb-roasted turkey, cranberry schmear, and sage aioli, which predicts that sometime in the very near future, you'll have consumed like 3000 calories....and that Jennifer Aniston's baby will be named Lilla. They'll even be kind enough to whip up single-portion entrees if you give 'em a call at least two hours ahead, like seared salmon filet w/ lobster sauce, pot-roasted beef bourguignon, seafood creole (stewed shrimp/ scallops/ whitefish), and mushroom-glaced meatloaf, who made much better songs before no longer seeing visions of unicorns cross-country skiing, and doing Bat Out Of Hell 3.

In addition to all manner of chips and drinks, you can also put some sweetness into your midday munch with desserts like cheesecake squares, caramel apple or butterscotch bars, and rocky road brownies, enough of which will make you King Oh Henry! VIII-sized.