The Sweet Auburn stand goes big time

You should always take the chance to improve an already great idea, whether it's birthing Breakfast Pockets from Hot Pockets, or making yourself P. Diddy-rich by sampling every classic song ever and adding clever ad-libs like "uh-huh", and even more notably, "yeah!". Taking the opportunity to be bigger and badder, Grindhouse Killer Burgers 2.

Offering infinitely more than the beloved "Yankee"-/"Apache"-style burgers available at the original Curb Market location, GHKB2 boasts all-new eats, a full bar (!!!), and a gritty spaced-out diner look thanks to aircraft nose-esque hanging lamps, a curved orange leather banquette, a mural of robots holding burgers/ donuts/ Grindhouse take-out bags, and a collection of look-alike toy 'bots in mint condition, who want you to love them for who they R and B. In addition to the new starters menu (the pick-three Slider Sampler, pickle chips...), they've got new Southern-inspired burgs like the "Dixie Style" w/ fried green tomato, pimento, and Carolina cole slaw (plus new super-hot Diablo sauce by request), and the sliced onion/ pimento/ jalapeno/ beef chili-topped "Hillbilly Style", not to be confused with "Hillbilly Stiles", who lives in a van instead of surfing on one. Pour-ables include six drafts including Victory Prima Pilsner and a rotating seasonal keg, cans like Old Chub Scotch Ale, and bottles like Sweetwater Sch'Wheat, Terrapin Rye, and Allagash Tripel (all available in buckets); they're also now offering boozy milkshakes like the Maker's/ mint schnapps/ choc chip "Booty Shake", and the Whynatte/amaretto "Stimulus Package", which Hillbilly Stiles uses to get ladies between the TARPs.

Like the original spot, they'll be showing horror/ kung-fu/ other awesome flicks, projected onto a large gray-painted wall splotch. They've also got wine in two categories: "Cheap" (including Cali's Blackbox), and "Classy", like the French Pinot Noir Arrogant Frog, which some people might call Diddy, but what does he care: every morning, he eats like three Money Pockets!