Food & Drink

Doty & Gummere's casually cool down-home rotisserie

With a name chosen by bros-in-law Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere "because it sounds like a family-owned resto", Bantam & Biddy (which are actually two types of chickens whose own families miss them very much) is here to serve you premium bird and pig in a casually cool corner of Ansley Mall with a heated/ covered courtyard patio, a hickory bar sitting on stacked window frames, and orange banquettes with rooster-embellished cushion pins

The easygoing appearance masks B&B's chef-driven soul (they spent racks on top-notch kitchen equipment... which itself sits on racks!), so peer into the open kitchen as they plate your lunch or dinner meat-'n-three (sides count duck fat fries and speckled Anson Mills grits) headlined by regionally pastured rotisserie poultry, or Niman Ranch pork that's famously juicy, and thankfully not all a dream

Other entrees include grass-fed meatloaf w/ bourbon/ ginger/ soy "Kentuckyaki" sauce, and next month they'll start breakfast like fried chicken & waffles w/ cane syrup, cappuccino-sauced doughnut holes, and organic-egg burritos w/ black beans & aged cheddar, also a crew who started a beef with Young Money, then totally forgot about it and took a nap in a chair

You'll also be happy to know that there's a full bar, and that they have drafts of 420 and Left Hand Milk Stout, plus bottles of Hopsecutioner and CA's Bison Organic IPA, which is described as having a crisp flavor that's "moderately bitter", just like those chickens' families, who might speak up if they weren't, well, chickens.