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Supper Series

Something Prince Fielder would've clearly been more interested in than the World variety, Supper Series is "a progressive set of dinners" at which highly talented chefs'll introduce you to their cooking and dining philosophies, then showcase their skills by making you at least at as fat as Miguel Cabrera

The menu's kept quiet until just before serving time, but one dish you can expect for the upcoming "Redneck Thanksgiving" affair thrown by the gang from Local Three is Cassoulet de Beauf (heritage turkey, house bacon, white beans & sourdough, with a beer/ whiskey cocktail), while others have been described as combining high-brow cuisine with low-brow culture, which the Supper guys sum up by saying "think Kenny Powers, but French". Ahhh, Kenny Puissances. Got it.

Booze at this one will have a similar span (martinis w/ oyster juice sure sound fancy, but "moonshine will also be involved"), and they expect to host several more dinners through Feb, after which they'll go live with a site aggregating all the local supper parties, which's what Prince and Miggy had in lieu of a champagne one.