Food & Drink

Great local food and not-local Scotch

Not just what Meg Ryan did in Top Gun once they got out of that crappy bar, Blue Goose is also a slick bar-staurant serving hearty, locally sourced provisions to ATLiens and visitors alike, and boasting spaceship-y diagonal floor-to-ceiling windows, shiny granite topping both the main bar and the one inside the circular, white-draped Scotch Room, and blown-up printed photos of College Park landmarks such as The Feed Store

Sip some Athens-brewed Jittery Joe's coffee while downing breakfast like a Highland Bakery bagel to go along with the eggs/ country sausage/ rosemary & Vidalia'd potatoes "Engineer's Breakfast", which your personal trainer will call "going off the rails". Lunch brings a spicy lamb burger (seasoned w/ cilantro, garlic, chili, cumin, etc.) and sammies like sweet GA shrimp on ciabatta, while for dinner it's bourbon BBQ-sauced Angus sliders w/ shaved country ham, maple-/ bourbon-lacquered salmon, and sweet tea-brined chicken & biscuits from Springer Mountain, also Jerry's popular house band famous for the hit "Mississippi Drag Queen"

If you remember something about a Scotch Room, congrats on beating Alzheimer's (so far...), and be sure to request some single pot-still Redbreast, triple-distilled Auchentoshan, or Macallan, which they have in 12, 17, or Cask -- which, at 117-proof, might have you crashing and burning before too long.