The Pecan owner brings serious BBQ and stogies to College Park

You'd be nuts to not get to The Pecan chef Tony Morrow's new Decatur (AL)-style pit 'cue joint, which pays homage to his late pitmaster grandad via photos of him throughout the years, and a 14ft-wide, 3ft-deep replica of the self-built pit in which he 'cued for a living since he was a kid, back when the government didn't care that children were working near fires 15+ hours a day

The kitchen is technically open, but not like some of those kitchens who see a shrink three times a week

100-proof Charred Oak will turn anyone into a pig

These are the hands of pit boss DeVaughn Morrow (the next generation!), preparing their "Big Bone" beef ribs with a brown sugar rub

Then getting the outside grill ready, using hardwood charcoals and a 2-to-1 blend of hickory & oak

He likes big pork butts and he cannot lie

Hands on butts

A trick for when your grill is really smoky? Use paintball masks. Then shoot someone with one of the guns, although that part's more just for fun

That's definitely chopped chicken

14hr-smoked brisket

Is that a humidor filled with stogies with cool names like Gurkha Assassin? Why yes it is. Let Tony's partner and cigar curator Big Rick know you need to get in there

Bring one of those bad boys out to the patio, where you can sit near the fire pit. Bring the children! Fantastic fire-proximate employment opportunities abound!!