Food & Drink

A 10 Degrees South-ish satellite in Phipps

Instead of still saying YOLO a year after it's over, grow up and start saying YEBO, and You'll Effortlessly Become Obese in this South African baby bro of 10 Degrees South while sitting among papier-mache gemsbok heads (You seriously don't know what a gemsbok is? Who are you?!), an ebony/ ivory tribal-patterened dining and wine room, and, for subtlety, painted lyrics to "Africa" by Toto. The South African flavors of 10 Degrees are alive and well, yet the sharable portions're smaller across the board, including

"Noshes": Grab meaty snacks like three-chutney'd pork terrine, plus air-popped Parmesan popcorn that's tossed in peri-peri salt, which's even saltier than the Texas governor when he threatened to hang the Federal Reserve chair

Small Plates: You're working with apple-mustard chutney lamb lollipops, a beef sammie w/ boerewors sausage (high fat content = juicy!), and GA shrimp made Joburg-y w/ relish called chakalaka, meaning you and your date can Tag Team it as soon as your server says "Whoomp! There it is.

Bunny Chow: Not actually what Tara Reid pretended to eat on the set of Big Lebowski, this cutely named bread bowl can be filled with curry chicken, bobotie (sweet ground beef curry w/ fried egg), or peach BBQ roast pork & slaw

Meanwhile, the cocktail menu boasts the Safari Sunset w/ Bulleit, peaches, peach schnapps, and sweet vermouth, while South African wines not made by Ernie Els include Barista Pinotage (it tastes like coffee), and the tattooed-lady-bottled If You See Kay, and if you do, she'll likely be all "why are you so obese?"