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Comfort food and BYOB chicken dinners in Chastain

While it sounds like the place Paula Deen cooks everything including raw celery, Buttermilk Kitchen's actually a down-home comfort food den with lamps made from buckets, salvaged window shutters on the ceiling, an open kitchen with a customer-friendly walkway, and Suzanne Vizethann's Southern comfort dishes -- including a slice of white-frosting-topped "John & Yoko cake" -- painted into a mural, and Christ you know that ain't easy

Breakfast and lunch are the main game, so get going with a mug of ATL's own Batdorf & Bronson joe (Oh, the curtains? Why yes, they are made from B&B coffee bags. You're quite good at looking at and identifying interesting curtains), and organic basics from stone-ground cheese grits to steel-cut oatmeal w/ bourbon-apple raisins & brown sugar cream. Meanwhile, triller meals include blueberry cobbler-stuffed pancakes, a pork belly BLT, and eggs, salsa verde & flank steak, also Brando's orders to himself during much of the Apocalypse Now filming

Whatever you do, don't make plans for a month to ensure you're there Tues, Oct 22nd for the start of the weekly BYOB Fried Chicken Dinner, with all-natural, pasture-raised bird from Grassroots Farms, plus cheese and desserts, for which Suzanne's fielding family recipes, though she's already rejected Paula Deen's suggestion of butter-poached butter pie topped with butter-whipped butter butter.