Food & Drink

Mondays will never suck again in Dunwoody

If you like pie, or the concept of infinity, or hopefully both, you'll just love Alon's new All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Night, which -- starting tonight and running every Monday from here on out -- will go like this: you give them just $12, and they'll give you literally all the wood-oven 'za you can ram down your throat. As you begin to seriously wonder if those daily aspirins actually do anything for your heart, the kitchen will keep pumping out 11 beautiful charred-crust varieties, including

Potato: Get ready for pecorino, gorgonzola, garlic, arugula, and bresaola (cured beef), along with thin slices of spuds -- although they share a name with Mr. Webb, they'll actually increase your horizontal more than your vertical

Marinated Anchovy: The sauce is white, and those tiny little swimmers are joined by lemon slices, fire-roasted peppers, and fried capers, also a series of Hardy Boys books in which Frank and Joe eventually deduce that Chet Morton has just been eating all the mysteriously missing chicken wings in their dad's garage

Merguez: This one's all about spicy housemade sausage, but also includes roasted peppers, caramelized onion, fresh mozz, and crushed tomatoes, who clearly just found out that you're going to eat infinity of them.